Add, edit, and remove context menu itemsAdd, Edit, and Delete context menu items
Edit file type information (such as icon and description)Edit file type icon and description
Change the 'Open with...' programs listChange the 'Open with...' programs list
Change context menu item iconsChange context menu item icons
Change an extension's associated file typeChange an extension's associated file type
Add, edit, and remove autoplay handler programsAdd, edit, and remove autoplay handler programs
Change the default autoplay handleryour alt text
Change which autoplay options are available for any media typeChange autoplay options for any media type
Optional install to the Control PanelOptional install to the Control Panel
Export changes to .reg filesExport changes to .reg files
Remove unchangable default associationsRemove unchangable default associations
Disable 'Search web for unknown extension' dialogDisable "Search web for unknown extension" dialog
Designed for Windows 7 with UAC supportDesigned for Windows 7 with UAC support